Ten kinds of mammals, 5 amphibians, and 3 snakes are all likely to be living and reproducing in the park. With luck one can see White-tailed Deer, Coyote, Red Fox, Badger, Striped Skunk, Opossum, Gray Squirrel, Pocket Gopher. Snakes can be encountered. Treasure the idea that they are here. They are among the most threatened of our animals; none is poisonous, and they are important to the ecology. The large Fox and Bull snakes and six-inch-long Red-bellied Snakes are most common. Amphibians to be found include Leopard Frogs, Wood Frogs, and Tree Frogs. The latter call from the tree tops spring and summer. If you can’t locate the source of a bird-like sound it probably comes from this species.

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